About Us

As recognized leaders in the rapidly evolving world of Cybersecurity, Praxis Data Security has determined that true success in cybersecurity requires thinking beyond technology—it's rooted in client education, staff understanding, and ongoing collaboration. Our philosophy centers on empowering clients through comprehensive education on terms, concepts, and third-party compliances crucial for sustained governance and compliance.

Our commitment to client success is inspired by a dedication to transparency and personalized collaboration. Effective cybersecurity solutions are built on a foundation of informed clients and a proactive, long-term approach. Our goal is to ensure constant adaptability to the evolving threat landscape.

We've learned that traditional project-based engagements fall short in the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity. We recognize that cybersecurity is a continuous journey to thwart the ever-evolving threats. Our engagements emphasize continuous partnership, review, and management of security protocols through outcome-based services relationships. We understand that our success comes entirely from exceeding client expectations. We understand that successful cybersecurity is not a one-time implementation but an ongoing journey that requires constant vigilance and adaptation.

We’re committed to helping your team align to industry best practices by creating effective policies to secure the ongoing business need.  We seek:

  • Total engagement with your team (IT, HR, Operations, C-Suite)
  • 100% committed to your security alignment to your business goals.
  • Reduction of risk while increasing business efficiency.

Praxis Data Security is more than a service provider; we are your strategic partner in navigating the complex realm of cybersecurity. Join us in building a resilient, educated, and secure future for your business.



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