Engagement Overview

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Embarking on an engagement with Praxis Data Security opens the door to a transformative approach to cybersecurity through our cutting-edge Governance as a Service (GaaS) solutions. Our commitment is to redefine the traditional role of managed service providers as mere computer and network support, transcending them into a strategic advantage. At Praxis, we comprehend the pivotal role of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), and our tailored offerings cater to the unique needs of small and medium businesses, as well as enterprises seeking to fortify their internal compliance capabilities.

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Governance as a Service (GaaS) Overview:

Our meticulously crafted GaaS suite is structured to cater to businesses of diverse sizes, with a special emphasis on those seeking to enhance their cybersecurity posture and navigate the ever-increasing complexities of compliance. Comprising three core packages, our offerings are grounded in the foundational principle of establishing and sustaining a robust governance program within your company, adaptable to support a spectrum of voluntary or regulated compliances.

Engagement Overview:

Utilizing our unique Praxis Process, we will determine and document your compliance with a NIST CSF or CIS (IG1) framework. If compliance tasks are required, Praxis will outline steps for remediation prior to transitioning to governance activities. Upon achieving compliance, our focus will seamlessly transition to GaaS, ensuring continual adherence to the necessary framework.

Partner with Praxis Data Security, where security, compliance, and governance converge to fortify the foundations of your digital landscape. Together, we navigate the complexities, ensuring your organization stands resilient in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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