Praxis Data Security offers a comprehensive suite of Governance as a Service (GaaS) solutions, challenging the traditional idea that cybersecurity is solely focused on computer, systems and network support. Recognizing the critical importance of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), Praxis has uniquely tailored offerings designed for small and medium businesses, as well as niche solutions for enterprises seeking to enhance internal compliance capabilities.

Governance as a Service (GaaS) Overview

Our GaaS comes in three core offerings suitable for businesses of various sizes. These packages are built on the foundational principle of establishing and sustaining a robust governance program within your company and are adaptable to support a range of voluntary or regulated compliances.

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Core Package Offerings


Tailored Governance Programs

Companies choose between NIST CSF or CIS (IG1 and IG2 only) benchmarks, and Praxis will design and build a program based on the selected tier.

Home State Privacy Law

Many jurisdictions are implementing data and user privacy laws that impact how businesses can collect, manage, and warehouse data. Praxis’ GaaS provides guidance on the regulations enacted at the state level to safeguard individual privacy, often pertaining to data protection and breach notification.
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Compliance Monitoring and Maintenance

We guide and monitor the maintenance of a compliant status for your designated framework and selected add-ons at your package tier.

Regulatory Updates

Praxis keeps you informed of new state, federal, and international cybersecurity laws relevant to your industry and business.

Annual Program Review

An in-depth assessment of your cybersecurity program(s) is conducted annually.

Additional Customization Services

Each organization has unique challenges that Praxis will address as a part of a GaaS engagement. We’ll augment our offering with ongoing activities to make security an internal competency, not just a product. Common customizations include:

  • Executive Briefings and Workshops
  • Security Round Tables
  • Team Member Virtual Training
  • Fractional vCSCO (Virtual Chief Security and Compliance Officer)

Achieving Compliance

Whether your organization is out of compliance or aiming for improvement, our packages can assist. Depending on the level of non-compliance and the regulatory landscape, we offer ongoing managed services or propose add-on projects for rapid remediation.

Partnership for Compliance

All packages require a dedicated manager or executive in the business to serve as a Compliance and/or Security Officer, with the authority to make risk decisions and enforce necessary policies. Praxis Data Security serves as your partner, bringing a complete GRC business unit to your organization, but compliance is a joint effort—our governance plus your risk-based enforcement equals compliance.